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Rainbow Super LightThe Super Lights evolution from decoration to self-assembly lampshades. These pieces were originally created by Holger Strom in 1973 for a Christmas Tree decoration but eventually evolved into uniquely shaped quadrilaterals which can be made into many different shapes. They are a lightweight, high-quality polypropylene material which is heat resistant, durable, flexible and easy to clean. The templates interlock together via the hooks on the edges of its four-sided parallelogram shape to form a durable yet unbreakable structure. This combined with a light bulb, instantly transforms into a study table lamp or beautiful interior lighting. This ingenuous design by piecing small pieces of plastic templates may look confusing at first but once you learn the easy procedures, they find it to be simple.

Check out some of our step by step videos links below. Super Lights are available in a variety of colors and sizes, creating a stunning light effect that are a great as accent lights or room light used for night lights, parties, weddings, commercial use and much more.

9 Element
15 Element
24 Element
30 Element

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